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Welcome to our English sites. Here you can find some basic facts about Vates Foundation and its functions. For further information please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Vates Foundation

Vates Foundation acts as an expert organisation for the equal employment of people with disabilities, long-term illnesses and people with partial work capacity.

Our modes of activity are development, advocacy, training, dissemination of information and active networking.

Vates works in co-operation with the employment, rehabilitation and education stakeholders.

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International co-operation

Vates Foundation is a member of various international organisations, which aim is to promote the employment and equality of people with disabilities and people with long-term illnesses.

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Skills into Use - National Network

Vates co-ordinates a national network, Skills into Use, of about 750 organizations representing different roles in the field of supported employment. The network provides a platform for different kinds of organizations to have a dialogue and to exchange their views and experiences. This leads to more comprehensive and coherent ideas for the development steps to be taken.

Members of the network are typically service providers of social employment, vocational training and rehabilitation, training centers, sheltered workshops, manpower service providers, and municipal and regional authorities.

With the support of the network and the mutual communication, Vates can provide the national government with objective and well-founded points of view and ideas. This enhances the role of VATES as a trusted national expert on issues of employment and people with disabilities.

The network is free of charge.



Vates Foundation carries out development, research and information projects. Our projects are both national and international. We also act as a development partner or partner in projects conducted by others for instance in several national projects furthermore we are involved in many steering groups as experts.

At the moment we have one own three year-project KeKo - the development of project coordination. Its purpose is to bring together third-sector actors involved in the area of employment and assist and support their joint development and project work. The project is funded by Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA).

Working Life 2020

Working Life 2020 is a Finnish programme, which strives for making Finnish working life the best in Europe by 2020. Working Life 2020 has been created and launched based on the Finnish Government Programme.

Vates is one of the main actors in this programme.

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Job Shadow Day - DuoDay 2019

in 2019 the Job Shadow Day will be carried out 16.5.2019. 

Job Shadow Day has been a success also in Finland. In year 2018 we had over 250 job shadowers and over 200 employers were involved. The day was considered to be a good way to increase knowledge of the abilibities people with disabilities have and also a good way to help young people to get familiar with working life.


Vates gives recognition award to those who promote the employability of people with disabilities open-minded and develops new patterns. The first awards were granted to employers but now we award people who work passionately to find work for people with disabilities.